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259 S. m. 2 Farb- u. 91 sw-Abb. inkl. Karten, Plänen, Grundrissen, Diagrammen, 17 x 24 cm, Broschur

ISBN 978-3-496-01648-9

Also available as e-book (ISBN 978-3-496-03060-7)

39,00 € [D]


The Morphology of Urban Landscapes

History, Analysis, Design

Hrsg.  Andri Gerber, Regula Iseli, Stefan Kurath und Urs Primas
Sofort lieferbar. Erschienen Oktober 2021

Ein Grundlagenwerk zur morphologischen Analyse  

The urban morphological approaches, that today exist side by side, differ in their definitions, their methodology and their areas of application. What relevance does the morphological point of view have in the field of contemporary urban landscapes? The authors from both research and practice investigate this question.

The urban morphology investigates settlement and urban forms. These do not change overnight, but in a process that follows certain principles. There is hardly anything more complex and contradictory than a city. Precisely because of this complexity, there is little agreement on definitions and procedural methods. This applies in particular to urban planning, which is not only concerned with analysis, but also with the design and transformation of cities. A variety of different urban morphological approaches exist today. The authors from the areas of research and practice investigate the relevance of the morphological perspective in the field of contemporary urban landscapes. They link historical roots and current approaches and explain the relationship between analysis and design.

Morphological analysis, morphology, Typology, spatial research, urban landscapes, urban forms, territory, morphological school, space syntax, Architecture of the City, design theory, teaching design, Saverio Muratori, Aldo Rossi, M. R. G. Conzen

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