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Edition Imorde
152 S. m. 38 Abb., 14,5 × 24 cm, geb., Buchdeckel aus Stahlplatten, Gewicht: 1.175 g, Texte in engl. u. dt. Sprache

ISBN 978-3-942810-23-4

69,00 € [D]


Matters of Weight

Edition Imorde, Hrsg.  David Young Kim
Sofort lieferbar. Erschienen Oktober 2013

»Caution! Do not drop. Risk of serious injury!«  

To speak of weight is to acknowledge artistic agency and ambition, the deliberate calibration of materials and support which involves risk, at times to the point of collapse. Weight ultimately deals with the »force« of works of art, their heaviness and thus their presence, a physical and metaphorical characteristic that informs our aesthetic comprehension of things in the world. The book examines the theory and exploitation of weight as an aesthetic category in works of art, 1350-1700. Drawing from the interdisciplinary expertise of specialists in the history of mechanics, painting, prints, sculpture and architecture, this volumes probes the deployment of weight as a compelling denominator in objects of study – be they scientific instruments, canvas paintings, marble sculptures or buildings.

Gewicht ist eine ebenso fundamentale wie unbeachtete Eigenschaft von Kunstwerken. Dabei entfaltet das Produkt von Masse mal Erdanziehungskraft eine erhebliche Spannbreite: Von tonnenschweren Steinskulpturen bis hin zu ein paar Karat Gold oder Lapislazuli.

Mit Beiträgen von Anne Dunlop, Fabian Jonietz, Mateusz Kapustka, Roland Krischel, Estelle Lingo, Matteo Valeriani und David Young Kim.

Der Herausgeber
David Young Kim is Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Art, University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of The Traveling Artist in the Italian Renaissance (Yale University Press, forthcoming 2014) as well as articles on cross-cultural exchange, geography, and art literature.